The Healing Center of Light - Restoration of Body, Mind, and Spirit
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The Healing Center of Light
"Rediscovering Life's Ultimate Purpose"

"Darkness is disorder. Light is order.
Darkness transmuted is light.
This is your purpose in being, my children, transmutation of darkness to light."
 Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean  
"Secret of Secrets"

AhNa is a quantum light, non-denominational healer/teacher and spiritual guide. She does not represent the beliefs of any religion or "guru" - instead she uses a variety of energy modalities, ancient wisdom and practices (to which study she dedicated her whole expression in this and privies earthly journeys) in service to  Light/Love/Life, it's earthly manifestations, towards self-liberation and peaceful, unified and joyful connection of all consciousness within the Oneness of All.
Her work draws on the wisdom traditions of Reiki, IET, Energy Mirrors, EFT, Medical Intuitive, 7 Rays Mystery School, Avesa Quantum Healing lineage and training and more... Ah Na incorporates many unique healing tools in her work, including the vibrational properties of her voice, touch, conscious soul based channeling, essential oils, crystals, crystal pyramids, tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and Egyptian Healing Rods. Ah Na's healing and counseling sessions are always guided and directed by Oneness of Spirit/Love therefore are unique in their expression as each of us IS.

AhNa is grateful to her teachers in the physical and non-physical realm for their guidance and assistance to the opening of her ability to serve as a pure  transmitter of Light/Love in Oneness.
 She is devoted to sharing the blessings of this path through her workshops, personal healing and counseling sessions, monthly remote group healing, light transmissions,  meditations , Emerald Tablet's, Essene's, Course in Miracles, study groups in person and via phone/skype connection , ascension inner retreats, sacred pilgrimages.