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Egyptian Healing Rods
       Healing with Egyptian Rods is a powerful tool for health, well being, and higher consciousness.  Throughout the ages, these crystal-filled wands have promoted enhanced vitality and divine connection.  "They are a remarkable energy technology designed to stimulate physical healing, expand energy awareness, enhance psychic abilities and awaken soul communication.  These tools are Unique, Powerful, and Most Sacred." 
       The Quartz Crystal-filled rods are created in strict accordance with the original specifications from the texts originating in Ancient Egypt.  All raw materials are energetically conditioned for 12 days in a 72 ft. tall Russian Pyramid before assembly.
"Over 2000 years ago, these unique healing tools vanished with the pharaohs.  They are now back! Based upon ancient clues and information from mystery schools, these Pyramid-Charged Crystal-filled rods are on the planet again."
"Russian scientific research since 1994 has demonstrated that the healing rods are useful in relieving many unpleasant physical symptoms. In fact, just five minutes holding these Pyramid-Charged Healing Rods was demonstrated as equivalent to 30 minutes of acupuncture!"
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What they do:
Russian Studies Demonstrate...      
Reduce Stress
Increase Clarity
Balance all Meridians
Deepen meditation
Enhanced Immune Function
Balanced Yin-Yang
Strengthen the Bio-Field
Increase Vitality
Relieve Many Symptoms
Harmonize Couples (when shared)
There are three basic families of rods: Rods-Kont, Rods-Quartz and Rods-Crystal. All three increase the flow of Vital Chi in the body, open the energy fields, balance yin/yang energies and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. The Rods-Kont offer a foundationalizing energy, while the Rods -Quartz and Rods-Crystal are more stimulating. Each set of Rods offers benefits; they simply operate in different fashions and intensity. Manufacturer’s scientific studies indicate that 5 minutes holding the Rods is similar in effect to 30 minutes of acupuncture!
Rods: Kont
Rods-Kont have a grounding and relaxing energy. According to Russian scientific studies the Rods-Kont can help lower blood pressure and relieve insomnia. They are an excellent choice for those who are new to energy work because they gently open the bio-field for greater expansion. The Rods-Kont fortify your energy body. 
Price: $269.00
Rods: Free Flow
Rods-Free Flow quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, are used for grounding and Mental Clarity. Ideal for correcting Yin or Yang energy imbalances. 
Price: $259.00
Rods Quartz: Quartz 2
Quartz 2 is the universal healer! 
Price: $269.00
Rods Quartz: Quartz 3
Quartz 3 offers a higher amplitude of the Quartz energies; they have more crystal content. 
Price: $279.00
Rods Crystal: Crystal
Rods-Crystal stimulate mental and psychic energy, enhancing meditation and mental clarity. These high frequency rods quickly open all the chakras and stimulate circulation of vital energy. They may be uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to energy work. It is important to manage your thoughts while using these rods for they will amplify your intentions. Rods-Crystal are an excellent choice for healers and those who are accustomed to receiving energy work. 
Price: $319.00
Rods Crystal: Crystal 2
Crystal 2 has larger crystal points inside offering a higher amplitude than the Rods Crystal. Ideal for group work, visioning and manifestation. 
Price: $329.00
Rods Crystal: Rods of Connectivity
The Connectivity rods offer the same benefits as the Quartz-3 rods while also opening a portal to higher etheric planes in mediation. Ideal for connecting with your Spirit Guides. They are useful for conscious meditation and nourishing the immune system. The Rods of Connectivity will magnify your conscious connection. 
Price: $339.00
Rods Crystal: Rods of Star Consciousness
The Star Consciousness rods are the most potent energy tool we have! These rods instantly connect you with multi-dimensional energy. They can also operate as a healing laser. They are best suited for experienced energy workers and seasoned travelers. 
Price: $422.00                                      
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